Berry Hand Pies


Pies, pies, pies.

How can someone not like a filling encased in flaky layers of deliciousness.  We have a saying in our house, “You could wrap anything in pastry and it would taste darn good.” Although you could be a domestic diva and whip up a block of homemade puff pastry but who does that? Or should I say who does that more than once!  Just pick up some pre-rolled puff pastry and you are good to go.

I used raw fruit rolled in raspberry jam and a spoonful of corn starch because I had so little time but you could lightly cook the fruit down with a touch of sugar and again, a thickening agent to stop an overabundance of liquid spurting from the seams whilst cooking. Talking of seams, my trick is to wet the pastry, add the second layer over the filling, and press to seal but the final step is then to use a cookie cutter to cut through both layers of pastry but make sure you you cut well away from the filling.


It is important not to overfill the hand pies as they will always want to burst and always make a vent for steam by cutting some holes in the top before baking which also helps with this.  Also check your pastry’s packaging for a recommended oven temperature. My kids love these in their lunch box but are also perfect for picnics as they are yummy hot or cold.